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ANHUYNH. 16- 022595. <3
i love taking long walks, i sound like a dog.i love to bit my nails. i love to walk into curtains because i feel cool. i'ld love to learn to sing the abc's backwards.i laugh like a hyena.i am double jointed i like to show people that when i first met them, if they stick around... <3 most think it's gross.i like "whipping my hair back and forth", 'til i get really dizzy and fall.i love Hershey's cookies and cream.i love chocolate chip ice cream. i found out how a platypus actually looks like, i like the Perry on Phineas&Ferb better just cause he's an agent.i make organismic cupcakes.i love challenges.i get over stressed easily.i like jubes jubes the real fruit ones not the plastic shit.i hate the smell of gelatin alone. i think the best meal a guy can make me is kraft dinner.i love songs i can relate to.i love green.i love wearing navy.i like tasting the rainbow, sour. i like big smiles. :D i'm a pisces. i got a gadget phone. <3 i love strawberry & banana smoothies at freshly squeezed. i love taro bubble tea.

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